Attitudes Towards Patent Law Among Biotech Startups


    Weidong Zhu School of Law, Universiti Geomatika Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Shehzad Raj * School of Law, Universiti Geomatika Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Biotechnology, Patent Law, Startup Innovation, Qualitative Research, Intellectual Property Challenges, Strategic Value of Patents, Biotech Industry


The rapid pace of innovation in biotechnology necessitates effective patent protection to ensure competitive advantage and investment attraction for startups. However, the impact of patent law on the strategic operations and innovation within biotech startups is complex and multifaceted. This study aims to explore the attitudes of biotech startup leaders towards patent law, identifying the perceived strategic values, challenges, and the overall impact on innovation within their companies. This qualitative study employed semi-structured interviews with 25 leaders (founders, CEOs, and senior managers) from biotech startups across various global regions. The data was collected until theoretical saturation was reached and analyzed using NVivo software to facilitate thematic analysis. This approach allowed for an in-depth exploration of the nuanced perspectives on patent law in the biotech sector. Three main themes were identified: Strategic Value of Patents, Challenges with Patent Law, and Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Patent Law. Under these themes, key categories such as Competitive Advantage, Innovation Incentives, and Regulatory Navigation highlighted patents' strategic benefits. Conversely, significant challenges included Cost Implications, Complexity of Processes, and Intellectual Property Risks. Diverse perceptions were also noted, ranging from viewing patents as crucial to innovation to concerns over their potential to stifle technological progress and ethical considerations. The study concludes that while patents are critical for protecting innovations and securing economic benefits for biotech startups, they also present substantial challenges that can impede these companies' operational and technological agility. Balancing these benefits and drawbacks is essential for fostering an environment that supports sustainable innovation and ethical practices within the biotechnology industry.


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Zhu, W., & Raj, S. (2024). Attitudes Towards Patent Law Among Biotech Startups. Interdisciplinary Studies in Society, Law, and Politics, 3(2), 4-10.

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